New York Tech Happy Hour

We had yet another great run of Tech Happy Hour last week, this time with new app-enabled in person interactions to add to the experience! Each person was matched with 3 other attendees and given fun questions to ask each other to help break the ice (If you had to hire a product manager for your team, who would you pick - Kim Kardashian or Oprah Winfrey?) We really like this feature as it is so helpful for the less extroverted among us, easing some nerves that come with striking conversations with strangers (who became friends at the end of the night)! 

It was a great evening of good weather, smiles and laughter, engaging conversations and forming new friendships, and the attendees were all praises about the high quality of the community present, made up of tech professionals hailing from exciting startups and the biggest names in tech. There were PMs from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitch, etc, as well as investors from firms like Insight Partners. Everyone mingled over drinks and soaked up the good vibes.

Next up, a last summer party onboard a floating platform - RSVP here if you haven't already!

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