Venturesails x Supermomos

Venturesails and Supermomos co-hosted a drinks party at a vintage car private members' club at Hudson Yards the past Tuesday. The venue was beautiful, especially at dusk as the sun began to set.

As the venue transformed by night, conversation flowed freely among the attendees, which included tech professionals such as Product Managers and Engineers from the biggest tech firms like Google, Facebook, TikTok and exciting high-growth venture backed startups, as well as founders and investors.

The Supermomos app also matched each attendee to 3 other attendees and provided fun questions to be asked to each other as ice breakers.

The night ended on a high note as everyone left happy, having made new meaningful connections with the tech community in New York. Next up, we have a last summer party onboard Willy Wall - already looking forward to it!

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