New to New York Drinks - National Best Friend Day!

New York

Date: June 8, 2022 Wednesday

Time: 7 PM - 9 PM EDT

Venue: Secret Rooftop in Midtown

It’s National Best Friend Day! New to New York and would love to make new friends? Been around for some time and would like to make more friends? Bring a friend (best or not) and join us in this rooftop party!

The crowd will consist of young professionals in the tech and adjacent industries in both technical and business roles.

An in-app chat group will open up for all attendees prior to the social for people to get to know one another and for coordination on the day of.

There will also be app-enabled in-person interactions during the social - open the Supermomos app during the event and use the “Find the Momos” feature to scan new friends. Every user is tagged to a color, so with each scan, you stand the chance to collect a different color. Collect a set of 5 different colors, and you will be awarded with more momo points which you can use for free drinks/access to exclusive socials in the future!

(food and drinks to be paid for by attendees through individual tabs)