UniGlobe Capital @ New York

UniGlobe Capital @ New York

New York

We are a group of techies and professionals, and the vision is for all of us to forge sustainable friendships, make new professional networks, learn together, and have meaningful interactions within the community!

Some rules and guidelines below. Feel free to ping any of the community leads about them!

Treat everyone respectfully, even when you are posting anonymously :)

Always be kind and supportive

Contribute by engaging with the community!

No spam, job-postings, or marketing material for services unless cleared with leads

No self-promotion without prior contributions unless cleared with leads

If you are interested to be a community lead or to be more involved with the group, please dm any of the community leads!

About UniGlobe Capital:
UniGlobe Capital is a leading cross-border advisory firm focusing on institutional marketing and venture capital. Our people are fundamentally entrepreneurs and innovators but also with extensive investing and fundraising experiences. Based in New York city, we aim to elevate investment firms and strategies with global mindsets and differentiated approaches. Our own venture capital interests also target opportunities with cross-border value propositions.

UniGlobe Capital is built on top of the idea of uniting the untapped unique global world of capital markets and investment strategies. As the US demographics evolve and global investment opportunities present themselves, a new type of servicing and advisory model needs to emerge to better connect unique cross-border investment opportunities with investors both in the US and globally.

Our vision is to enable both managers and investors to build their respective organizations with a more progressive view of the world. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of investors and leaders who can leverage information, allocate resources, empower people and enable growth regardless of locations.


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