Kaleidoscope @ New York

Kaleidoscope @ New York

New York

We are a group of techies and professionals, and the vision is for all of us to forge sustainable friendships, make new professional networks, learn together, and have meaningful interactions within the community!

Some rules and guidelines below. Feel free to ping any of the community leads about them!

Treat everyone respectfully, even when you are posting anonymously :)

Always be kind and supportive

Contribute by engaging with the community!

No spam, job-postings, or marketing material for services unless cleared with leads

No self-promotion without prior contributions unless cleared with leads

If you are interested to be a community lead or to be more involved with the group, please dm any of the community leads!

About Kaleidoscope:
AI commerce platform for brands, artists, and creators

We bring Creators and Fans together to connect, collaborate and make real things together.

We are built on the belief that technology should be a tool to enhance humanity and the arts, not diminish them.

We believe that true innovation. and progress can be found at thetween humanity, the arts, and technology.

Our team is made up of creative thinkers, misfits, and problem solvers who are passionate about using technology to bring people together and help them express themselves in new and meaningful ways.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and strive to create products and experiences that delight and inspire our users. Whether it's through music, film, art, or any other form of creative expression, we are committed to using technology to amplify the beauty of human creativity and the wonder it can create in the world around us.

We are excited to see where this journey takes us, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

We are proud to be a Venture Crush Company


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