Project for death and the city-Future now @ New York

Project for death and the city-Future now @ New York

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About Project for death and the city-Future now:
Project for Death and the City: Future Now

This significant initiative intertwines a narrative with a real project, challenging our perceptions of various city types affected by climate change and rising sea level. It also deeply engages with the human condition, as the view of the future already exists.

The project is organized around four main pillars.

The first, "Island City Storytelling," weaves a concrete narrative of visible and invisible urban elements around the concept of isolated cityscapes, with the hypothesis that rising sea levels due to climate change will transform current national and mega-cities into island cities made up of small communities.
We are also working with a number of partners to create a specific narrative about how technology advancements in a future city of physically small communities will still require us to think continentally, to connect digitally, and to collaborate with other islands in areas where the productive power of a decentralized island city is specialized.

The second, 'X.R Cemeteries', is a unique exploration of the potential of extended reality applications for memorializing the deceased, which has moved beyond mere hypothesis to the development and delivery of a practical service, transforming current cemeteries while continuing to feed rich cases into island city storytelling.

The third pillar, 'Mobile Funerals', is a thought-provoking concept around the way funerals are conducted and experienced in the digital age.

The final pillar is a 'premium death brand' with the evocatively named 'I was born to die'.

and A pivotal element of SIM Eternal Studio's initiative is its annual conference, "Death and the City: Future Now." This event gathers thought leaders, innovators, and professionals from various fields to discuss and explore the future of death in urban environments.


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