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We are a group of techies and professionals, and the vision is for all of us to forge sustainable friendships, make new professional networks, learn together, and have meaningful interactions within the community!

Some rules and guidelines below. Feel free to ping any of the community leads about them!

Treat everyone respectfully, even when you are posting anonymously :)

Always be kind and supportive

Contribute by engaging with the community!

No spam, job-postings, or marketing material for services unless cleared with leads

No self-promotion without prior contributions unless cleared with leads

If you are interested to be a community lead or to be more involved with the group, please dm any of the community leads!

About cukimber:
cukimber is a Shanghai born, New York based fashion label with colorful custom textiles produced by artist Kimberly J. Wong. Every piece in every collection is created to be beautiful, flowing with a focus on bold statement pieces.

Kimberly J. Wong's journey into fashion design began in 2009, designing earrings in Japan. After moving to China, Kimberly developed her jewelry line and concurrently, her eye for dress design with tailors by trying all forms of fabric and style, each one popping with bright colors.

Kimberly continued to refine her unique painting style and aesthetic in a local painting studio. After being offered a painting exhibition at a gallery in Shanghai, Kimberly found herself wondering if she could merge her painting and her dresses into one. And so, cukimber was born as a fashion label to share her colorful creations with the world.


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