DxD: Hidden in Plain Sight


Mar 11, 2023 Sat


12 PM - 7 PM EST


Prime Produce (424 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, USA)


20 people


Hosted by:

  • Alexandra Jacoby

    Alexandra J.


Hello …sharing an open invitation to DxD, an art + technology exhibition (two of my faves!): DxD (Data Through Design) is a yearly data art exhibition featuring works that creatively analyze, interpret and interrogate data made available by NYC Open Data. The theme for this year is Hidden in Plain Sight.

I'm probably going to attend tomorrow, but I'm not sure at what time, so this is more an informational share than an invitation to a fieldtrip (this time!) for those who enjoy exploring projects that "draw back the curtain on the 'invisible hands' that shape data to expose, question and engage the perspective and motives behind data collection."

It takes place at Prime Produce, and the opening reception is tonight, Friday 03/10, and the exhibition runs through March 19th.

To attend the opening reception: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hidden-in-plain-sight-tickets-545412632867

No RSVP needed to attend the exhibition March 11-19, from 12-7pm.