East Coast Best Coast Alumni Holiday Party ✨πŸ₯³ (VIP momos can also attend)


Nov 28, 2022 Mon


7 PM - 9 PM EST


Secret venue in Midtown Manhattan


100 people


Hosted by:

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    Edwina Y.


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    Dawn L.

    Stern NYU

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    Ansen G.

    Johnson Cornell Tech

Join us for this year's East Coast Best Coast Holiday Party as we come back from Thanksgiving break and ring in the holiday season together! Come dressed in 1920s theme - think Great Gatsby-style socialites - feathers, diamonds, suits, hats, and all things glam and glittery!

Rest assured of a swinging good time with a fun crowd of fellow schoolmates and alumni from select East Coast schools, and get ready to make lots of new friends!

Your school email is required for verification. Current list of schools include: Cornell, Columbia, NYU Stern, Penn, Harvard. If you would like your school to be included, please email info@supermomos.com.

We only have complimentary open bar spots for 80 people, so RSVP soon.
1920s attire is needed also for entry into the venue.

If interested, download the Supermomos app (www.supermomos.com/download) to be part of the East Coast Best Coast party group chat with other attendees, and also your school's circle ⭕️ in NYC!

***Supermomos members with 3,500 momos and above, and with at least 100 momos earned in Nov, can also attend (+ complimentary open bar). Email info@supermomos.com for your ticket.

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